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Abstract Mechanism: Enforcement

Too big to fail, too powerful to jail? On the absence of criminal prosecutions after the 2008 financial meltdown

Henry N. Pontell

For Whom Does Deterrence Affect Behavior? Identifying Key Individual Differences.

Adam Fine

The Clean Air Act Watch List: An Enforcement and Compliance Natural Experiment

Mary F. Evans

The Most Senior Wall Street Official: Evaluating the State of Financial Crisis Prosecutions

Todd Haugh

Coordinating Compliance Incentives

Veronica Root

Coercive vs. Cooperative Enforcement: Effect of Enforcement Approach On Environmental Management

Dietrich Earnhart

Rethinking Compliance

Daniel Sokol

Law, Moral Attitudes, and Behavioral Change

Janice Nadler

Experimental analysis of the effect of standards on compliance and performance

Constantine Boussalis

Monitoring Global Supply Chains

Jodi Short

State environmental regulators: perspectives about trust with their regulatory counterparts

Sara Rinfret

Do non-profits encourage compliance? Watershed Groups and the US Clean Water Act

Laura Grant

Formal and Social Enforcement of Individual vs. Corporate Transgressions

Doron Teichman

Beyond Bureaucracy: How prosecutors and public defenders enforce urban planning laws in Sao Paulo, Brazil. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Salo Vinocur Coslovsky

Frontline Safety: Understanding the Workplace as a Site of Regulatory Engagement

Paul Almond

Compliance costs, regulation, and environmental performance: Controlling truck emissions in the US

Robert A. Kagan

Fear, duty, and regulatory compliance: lessons from three research projects

Robert A. Kagan

Environmental Regulations and Corruption: Automobile Emissions in Mexico City

Paulina Oliva

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