Award Winners

Li Wang received the Junor Paper Award for the paper, "The “Carrying the black pot”: Food safety and risk in China’s reactive regulatory state."

Jeremy Bearer-Friend received the Senior Paper Award for the paper, "Colorblind Tax Enforcement."

Tom Tyler received the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Award Winners

Lisa Buchter received the Junor Paper Award for her paper, "Getting out of the ellipsis of diversity, When activists influence compliance to antidiscrimination law by providing prefigurative programs and implementation resources."


Brett McDonnell received the Senior Paper Award with co-authors, Hari M. Osofsky, Jacqueline Peel, Anita Foerster for the paper, "Climate Change Enters the Boardroom."

John Braithwaite received the Lifetime Achievement Award.


ComplianceNet is pleased to announce awards to promote and highlight scholarly efforts in our discipline.​ The following were awarded at the 2019 conference.

2019 Junior Scholar Publication Award: Doron Dorfman

The award recognizes scholarly work of junior faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and/or practitioners with fewer than 8 years experience post-Ph.D. completion. Papers must be primarily the work of one or more junior scholars. Co-authored papers with post-tenure scholars will be accepted, but a junior scholar should be the primary author and submission letters should describe the relevant contributions of each co-author.

The winner of the Junior Scholar Publication Award was Doron Dorfman. 


Doron Dorfman is an Associate Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law. His interdisciplinary research focuses on disability law and health law using doctrinal analysis and social science methodology. Professor Dorfman’s scholarship explores how stigma informs the legal treatment of disempowered communities through a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, including surveys, experiments, interviews, and observations.  

2019 Outstanding Publication Award: Jodi Short

The award recognizes scholarly work of post-tenure faculty and/or practitioners with more than 8 years experience (post-Ph.D. completion). Scholars working by themselves or as part of a team of co-authors are eligible for the competition.

The winner of the Outstanding Publication Award was Jodi Short, with co-authors Yanhua Bird and Michael W. Toffel.

Jodi Short is the Honorable Roger J. Traynor Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of the Law. Her research is on the regulation of business, in particular, the intersection of public and private regulatory regimes and the theory and practice of regulatory reform.