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ComplianceNet is an interdisciplinary network to disseminate and synthesize research about compliance.

ComplianceNet 2023

ComplianceNet 2023 will be hosted by American University Law School in Washington, DC. It will take place June 21 - 23, 2023. We are not yet accepting paper submissions, but we hope that this announcement allows you to start thinking about potential contributions!


A formal call for papers will be issued later in January 2023. For individual papers, you will be asked to submit the paper title and abstract (up to about 200 words). For panels (3 papers minimum with a maximum of 5 per panel), you will be asked to submit an integrative statement explaining the panel (approximately 200 words), the titles of each paper and their authors, and an abstract for each paper (approximately 200 words). 

For more information, please visit the 2023 conference page.

Register here (Coming Soon!)

Conference Awards

ComplianceNet is pleased to announce our paper awards designed to promote and highlight scholarly efforts in compliance (broadly defined as the interaction between legal rules and individual and organizational behavior).  We will have two paper awards: the Junior Paper Award, and the Senior Paper Award. See descriptions and submission information on the awards page.

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