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Abstract Methodology: Case Study

The Clean Air Act Watch List: An Enforcement and Compliance Natural Experiment

Mary F. Evans

Do non-profits encourage compliance? Watershed Groups and the US Clean Water Act

Laura Grant


Front‐of‐Pack Food Labeling and the Politics of Nutritional Nudges

Christine Parker


Legal Intermediaries: How Insurance Companies Construct the Meaning of Compliance with Antidiscrimination Laws

Shauhin Talesh


Beyond decoupling: unions and the leveraging of corporate social responsibility in Indonesia.

Timothy Bartley


Beyond Bureaucracy: How prosecutors and public defenders enforce urban planning laws in Sao Paulo, Brazil. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Salo Vinocur Coslovsky


Organizational Challenges to Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance A New Common Sense about Regulation

Susan Silbey


Ode to the Sea: Workplace Organizations And Norms Of Cooperation

Uri Gneezy


Privacy in Europe: Initial Data on Governance Choices and Corporate Practices

Kenneth A. Bamberger


Frontline Safety: Understanding the Workplace as a Site of Regulatory Engagement.

Garry Gray


Compliance costs, regulation, and environmental performance: Controlling truck emissions in the US

Robert A. Kagan


Fear, duty, and regulatory compliance: lessons from three research projects

Robert A. Kagan


Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation: A Multi-stakeholder Case Analysis

Luyi Gui


The Most Senior Wall Street Official: Evaluating the State of Financial Crisis Prosecutions

Todd Haugh


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