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Alex R. Piquero

University of Texas at Dallas

To update Piquero et al.’s meta-analysis on early family/parent training programs. Screening of eligible studies was carried out for the period between January 2008 and August 2015. An additional 23 studies were identified, which were added to the original database of 55 studies, totaling an overall sample of 78 eligible studies. A random-effects model was used to obtain an overall mean effect size estimate. Additional analyses were performed to assess publication bias and moderation. An overall average, positive, and significant effect size of 0.37 was calculated, which corresponds to 32 out of 100 in a treated group versus 50 out of 100 in a control group who offended. There was some evidence of publication bias and moderation. Early family/parent training programs are an effective evidence-based strategy for preventing antisocial behavior and delinquency

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