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ComplianceNet Conference 2020

at University College London (UCL) 

has been postponed

Information about the postponed conference

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the ComplianceNet Board of Conveners have made the difficult decision to postpone the conference until late Spring, 2021. We will reschedule the conference to fall within the calendar year of the original conference dates to facilitate any necessary changes to travel plans you have already made. We will reach out to you later this Autumn with more details.


Please understand that we took this decision very seriously. We prioritize the safety of our members and their loved ones above all and chose to act in accordance with many government and World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations to promote social distancing until the fear of transmission has abated. We also know that workplaces, universities, and agencies everywhere are restricting the travel of their employees—given the uncertainty and evolving nature of the response to COVID-19, we did not feel comfortable asking people to make travel arrangements that may ultimately need to change. Finally, we have already had many of our esteemed colleagues inform us that they would be unable to attend this year’s conference in London. We want to ensure that attending the conference is a valuable experience to which people will be excited to return. At this moment, we are not confident that we would be able to provide the quality that our attendees have come to expect.

What does this mean for my paper or panel?

We plan to keep a record of the abstract that you submitted and will simply transfer your acceptance to the 2021 conference once we begin planning for it. We will email  in Autumn of 2020 to see if you would like to update the abstract you submitted for this year. If, by then, you decide to create a panel on an entirely new topic, we would welcome you to re-submit your work for another review in 2021.

Please note that your registration fees for 2020 are available to be refunded if needed, otherwise we are happy to roll over your registration to next year’s conference so you do not have to repeat the registration process. If you do require a refund, please email Colin Provost at

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